The Top 10 Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Sometimes it can be hard to see that he’s slipping away or losing interest. It can be that it is happening so gradually that you don’t really see it right away or that you’re so in love that you simply don’t want to see what is happening. For a lot of women it begins with a feeling that something isn’t quite right that nags at them from within. Take a look at this list of signs he doesn’t love you anymore and see if any resonate with you. This just may confirm what you’ve been suspecting—fearing—all along.

1. You feel like you do more in the relationship and put in more effort than he does.

2. He doesn’t show you the same affection he once did.

3. He wants sex less than before and when you do have sex you feel rushed and disconnected.

4. He keeps himself busy with anything and everything instead of spending time with you.

5. He doesn’t want to make any long term plans or major decisions that involve you or the family.

6. He doesn’t seem at all affected when you’re upset or feeling down.

7. He never seems happy to see you anymore.

8. He has started keeping secrets and has become more guarded.

9. He has little to no interest in your life and the things that you do.

10. He doesn’t do anything to change what’s wrong in the relationship after you have talked about it.

Do any of the signs listed above seem familiar? If you stop to think about your own feelings and listen to your instincts then you wouldn’t even need to be shown the signs he doesn’t love you anymore. If you often find yourself worried that you’re on the verge of losing him, then I hate to tell you, but you probably are.

What Next?

Now that you have managed to confirm that he may not love you anymore, it’s time to decide what you want to do about it? If there has been any kind of lack of respect or any type of abusive behavior, then you need to cut your losses and let him go so that you can be free to find a man who loves you back. If on the other hand you think that the relationship is worth salvaging and know that your own behaviour and mistakes have played a part in getting to this point, then you need to get some help in how to get things back on track.

If you know where you’ve gone wrong, then fix it. If you think the situation is beyond that or too complex to simply just talk it out, then consider something like Magic of Making Up which will give you step by step advice on how to fix things even after being given all the signs he doesn’t love you anymore.

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