10 Telltale Signs She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

If you feel like she doesn’t love you anymore then chances are that you’re right. As much as Cosmo loves to go on about a lot guys being clueless when it comes to women, common sense almost always prevail and it doesn’t take a genius to know that something doesn’t seem right.

You could just ask her what’s going on, but if she herself is still confused as to how she feels and where she wants the relationship to go, then you’re probably going to be told that “everything’s fine”. To help you figure out whether or not she is in fact losing interest, here is a list of 10 telltale signs that she doesn’t love you anymore. Sometimes it takes an outside source to point it out because we want so desperately to not see it ourselves.

Have a look at these signs she doesn’t love you anymore and see how many strike a chord. It could just give you the clarity you need.

1. She stops showing you affection in and out of the bedroom.

2. She becomes very busy all of a sudden, leaving little to no time for you and the relationship.

3. She stops attending family functions with you as well as other events that are important to you.

4. She no longer asks about your day and shows little interest in what you’re doing.

5. She can no longer be bothered to argue back or defend herself because she doesn’t care enough.

6. She stops putting effort into you and the relationship, from not dressing up to not making plans.

7. She shows no signs of jealousy when it comes to other women though she once used to.

8. She doesn’t do anything special for your birthday, anniversary or other important occasion.

9. She doesn’t want to talk about plans for the future.

10. She stops sharing news about her day and her life in general.

What Next?

If this list has hit the nail on the head and the signs she doesn’t love you anymore are all ones that you can relate to, then you need to think long and hard about how you want to proceed. If you really and truly believe the relationship is worth saving and are willing to do the work it takes to make things better again, then start by thinking about what role you played in this whole mess. Did you stop showing her the love and affection you used to? It’s not uncommon to take a woman for granted after you’ve been together for a while. Maybe you’ve been letting your work stress interfere with your mood when you’re with her, making you a lot less fun to be around. It’s possible that your actions, intentional or not, were part of the problem that led her to this point.

Start trying to rectify things once you’ve identified what you may have been doing wrong and let her know that you see your mistakes and want to do your part to make it up to her. Talk to her about the way she’s been treating you and the signs she’s doesn’t love you anymore and try to get to the bottom of what else may be going on, such as stress or emotional problems or maybe even another guy. Something like Magic of Making Up can help you get the answers you need, help you get some clarity so you know if a relationship is worth saving and even show you what to do to get her to love you again.

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